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3 NYC-based adventurers have quit their stable jobs to drive across the world and film a TV show.


They’re 33 countries and 35,000+ miles deep.
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We’re Driving to the End of the World

Rally to the End of the WorldWe are the Nowhere Men.


We are a regular-guy-turned-adventure trio from New York City. We’ve left our stable corporate jobs, families, and lives behind to drive the world and film it for a travel TV show. We know little about cars and less about cameras.

We’re currently on a mission to drive our car from NYC to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, otherwise known as the “End of the World.” It’s a 15,000+ mile, 9+ month adventure and we’d love to take you with us.

In partnership with a production company we are filming our adventures for future television/internet distribution. There is no film crew and we are the producers, cameramen, planners, and on-screen adventurers while on the road. The show won’t air until long after we’re back, so we’ll be writing, podcasting, and posting live from the road throughout our adventure – follow us in real time!

In summer 2014 we completed the Mongol Rally, an epic 10,000+ mile drive from London to Mongolia.

We used to be called the Global Goulets, but now we’re the Nowhere Men. Get used to it.


Current Location: Mission Accomplished! Back in NYC


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The Stats

Make sure to check out our last adventure: Mongol Rally 2014!

The Blog

Chapter 52: On the Road to the End of the World

Chapter 52: On the Road to the End of the World

  The following post details the Nowhere Men’s journey from April 13 – April 15: In the final days of our trip, as we tip-toed to Tierra del Fuego, the Land of Fire, we let all that we’d seen and done sink in. A couple of nights left sleeping in the car fazed us not […]

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Chapter 51: Torres del Paine Prevails

Chapter 51: Torres del Paine Prevails

  The following post details the Nowhere Men’s journey from April 6 – April 12: Story Highlights: We took an accidental detour from Calafate to Puerto Natales en route to Torres del Paine National Park Day 1 – The winds fought us hard in our introductory day to the park Day 2 – The skys […]

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Chapter 50: A Glacial Undertaking

Chapter 50: A Glacial Undertaking

  The following post details the Nowhere Men’s journey from April 3 – April 6: Back in Argentina, we sailed through a vast sea of nothingness. A beige blend of sun-scorched yellow shrubbery and wind-whacked green weeds dotted what was an otherwise dry, lifeless desert. Slight bumps saved the horizon from exposing the curvature of the […]

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Chapter 49: Welcome to Patagonia

Chapter 49: Welcome to Patagonia

  The following post details the Nowhere Men’s journey from March 28 – April 2: The drive on Ruta 40 from El Bolson down to Esquel and then on our way back into Chile revealed and validated what we’d heard about the dry, pampas planes characteristic of the Argentine side of Patagonia. It explains why we […]

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The Podcast

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Drive the World with the Global Goulets is available via iTunes or SoundCloud.

In this podcast we’ll bring you stories from the road using real audio from our trip, and bring you the stories of the fascinating people we meet throughout Latin America. We’ll show you that travel is far more exciting and far more approachable than you’d even imagined.

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Artistic Shoutout: Talia Marshall, www.taliamarshall.com

Musical Shoutout: Saul Guanipa, www.saulguanipa.com

View show notes for each episode here.

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The Nowhere Men


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